Our eligibility guidelines are as follows

  • Programmers

    Three merged, non-trivial1 pull requests to the source code within the last year.

  • Documentation writers

    Six merged, non-trivial pull requests to the documentation within the last year.

  • Testers

    Six non-trivial bug reports within the last year.

  • Evangelists

    A provable2 track record of posting about VyOS (whether on your own site or on social media) or speaking about it at live events (offline or online). Answering on the forums also counts.

1Non-trivial is relative of course. A single typo fix is trivial, while extensive proofreading of help strings and error messages definitely counts. Contact us if not sure.

2Many people tell us that they promote VyOS among friends and collegues. It may be true, but the problem is that anyone can say that. If you want to get a subscription as an evangelist, please supply links to posts or recorded talks.