VyOS nightly builds are automatically produced from the current branch and the development branch for the LTS release, at least once a day. They include all the latest code from maintainers and community contributors.

Nightly builds are not hand-tested before upload. A basic set of automated smoke tests is executed for each build ensuring that basic functionality is working. In addition we load arbitrary configurations to ensure there are no errors during config migration and system bootup.

Verifying image signatures

We use minisign for release signing. To learn about its advantages over GPG, read signify: Securing OpenBSD From Us To You.

One obvious advantage is that you don’t need to import the key anywhere, you can pass it as a command line argument. Once you download an image and its .minisig file, you can verify its integrity with this command:

minisign -Vm <ISO file> -P RWTclGe42GmvIX/xnNiXdigNll7NSfpYGl1rj+sEERcLgoEsse5EwAgA

If in doubt, you can get the public key from the nightly builds repository. If you are really in doubt (i.e., you have a reason to suspect that the repository and/or this website were compromised), you should report that to the maintainers.

Currently, we create nightly builds with GitHub Actions and store them in releases of the vyos/vyos-rolling-nightly-builds repository. Here is an auto-generated list of available builds.