Open-source router and firewall platform

VyOS monthly snapshots and release candidates

VyOS snapshots are built from the current development roughly every month. They receive some testing to ensure they aren’t broken, but they do include experimental features.

Release candidates are being built when an upcoming LTS release is under active testing. In that phase, we suspend the “snapshot” process and replace it with a “release candidate” process that has no particular schedule: there can be many of them each month, or not.

Available snapshots

# vyos-1.3.0-rc6

# vyos-1.3.0-rc5

# vyos-1.3.0-rc4

# vyos-1.3.0-rc3

# vyos-1.3.0-rc1

# vyos-1.3-rolling-202101

# vyos-1.3-rolling-202012

# vyos-1.3-rolling-202011